Neonnoir Box

NEONnoir is and always will be a free game you can download from this link. Donations are welcomed but not necessary to enjoy the seedy world of the Gutter.

To commemorate its first anniversary, I’ve created a glossy boxed version of the game and stuffed it with what I always wanted to find in an old-school game: four floppy disks containing the game, a twelve-page full-color manual, a couple of stickers, and one final surprise: a USB stick shaped to look like Coral, the digital drug at the heart of NEONnoir!

I’ve only made a handful of boxes, but I will make a production run and sell this box if there is enough interest. The price depends on the number of boxes made: the more boxes made, the lower the price.

If you would like a copy, please sign up so I can gauge the community’s interest. I will only email you to inform you when the boxes will be produced, their final cost, and where to buy one.

I want a box!